With decades of experience in the industry, we are deftly able to transform a table into a story, dinner into a design worthy of a standing ovation.

Our comprehensive studios located in Torontos Stockyard District provide the perfect venue for any food photography event, still session or motion shoot. And our team of photographers, videographers and stylists are always on hand to make magic happen.

  • The cornerstone of any good project, especially those that relate to food. Its not just about photographing food or exquisitely styling it, its about being creative with each and every detail. Food is our art, and when it comes to creativity, we take it pretty seriously.

  • From conceptualizing the recipe, to staging the props, to finding that perfect space, The Food Group makes it really easy to get your project off the ground. Its about giving you a one-stop shop for all things food! With so many amazing professionals under one roof, we certainly do make things simple.

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    Great food styling, food photography and elegantly appointed food studios shouldnt have to cost a fortune. The Food Group provides incredible service but always with an eye on keeping it cost effective for your project!

  • When it comes to making food look beautiful, experience counts. This is exactly what you get when you enlist our services: experienced professionals

Offering turn key service (or opt for a la carte), The Food Group can assist you with everything from recipe development right through to perfecting and delivering those incredible final images.

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    Taking a concept and creating a culinary masterpiece, our recipe developers are laser-focused on the clients needs in conjunction with what it takes to craft amazing food. In the wrong hands, recipes can go horribly wrong, not to mention cost valuable production time and money. This is why our developers diligently test. They ensure that recipes are essentially foolproof, as the kitchen is their dressing room and the table their stage.


    Considering dietary needs, nutritional objectives, overall appearance and of course taste, all with the target audience in mind, our developers arent done until the newly created recipe screams make me!

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    View our extensive prop collection online.
    The unsung heroes of the food photography world, prop stylists make an ordinary food shoot an extraordinary one. And it certainly doesnt get any better than the stylists with whom we collaborate. Ensuring that schedules are met and props are ready to go, they are the detail experts!

    Creativity comes natural to them as our prop curators know what works and what doesnt; they understand how truly to turn your project into art. And with a vast collection of props and accents right here at their fingertips, they have access to those pieces that elevate food and make it look even more beautiful than you could have imagined.

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    Food Styling

    A combination of art, cookery, and science, food styling is what consumers ultimately buy. That beautiful picture of food that instantly arouses the taste buds and sends the stomach into hyper drive. No one can evoke this type of response as well as our food stylists can! Theirs is a job of creating beauty from the ordinary. Even top chefs and celebrity cooks rely upon the crazy presentation skills of our food stylists, as we take their culinary creations to a whole new level. It really is something you have to experience for yourself.


    Understanding the interplay of light and shadow, of ingredient interaction, of image composition, the food stylist is a true visionary, anticipating the clients needs at every turn. In the hands of our technically talented, artistically gifted stylists, you know your food is going to look beautiful.

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    Photography is often about specializing. For instance, a fashion photographer is more at home on the runway; whereas a food photographer tends to feel more comfortable before a table or kitchen set. The lighting must be perfect, the exposure must be on target and the contrast between plate and food or table and plate must be artistically captured.


    Our food photographers understand food inside and out, and because of this in-depth understanding they create images that redefine even commonplace culinary experiences! Their truly inspired compositions will completely transform the way you look at food.

  • The Food Group is an important partner to Matchstick, enabling us to make a wide range of high quality content for our clients. I highly recommend this experienced, skilled and flexible team!

  • Over the last year, weve been working with the Food Group and have never had a better experience on set and with their talented roster of Food Stylists and Props. Their extensive knowledge in food preparation/presentation is bar none, the best in the city. Incredible accommodating staff and their state of the art kitchens and work space are a productions best friend. Thank you Food Group for your outstanding service and incredible attention to detail. Well see you the next one!

  • The Food Group Studios is an amazing place to shoot a project. I have worked in both the Salt and Pepper studios which are both beautifully designed. The convenience of the attached prop house is ideal for stylists and makes it really easy to have lots of prop options on hand. The owners are great to interact with and very helpful if you need anything at all during your rental. I love shooting at The Food Group!

  • We've worked on a few large scale food projects in Toronto over the last year and we owe a lot of success of these projects to the Food Group. They're courteous, professional and extremely skilled. I'd highly recommend them for any projects requiring any kind of professional food cinematography or photography.