Seamlessly combining our individual services, these packages are crafted to simplify your creative projects and give your budget some breathing room.

Triple p

If you just need some simple Product and Packaging Photography shot on white/coloured seamless, look no furtherweve got you covered. From a single image to hundreds of SKUs, we are your sales and marketing material gurus. With cost effective pricing and super fast turnaround, we give you peace of mind as you leave the details to us.

Menu Makeover

Of course you want your menu to be stunning, mouth watering, a showstopperProfessional images make the menu. This is where we come in. And if you dont happen to have the time or resources to visit us, not a problem, our team can come to your restaurant. Well work with your chef, making the food look better than even they imagined it could!

Lets Get Social

Its an INSTAGRAM kind of worldThe sharing of food images on social media channels has become something of a rite of passage. But you need to make certain that your amazing creations are going to appear in the best light possible, beautifully presented and shot. We have all the ingredients to make that happen. If youd rather use your own team, we can accommodate that as well. Our studios are the ideal setting to get your food ready for the social media spotlight!

If you need images that have a longer expiration date for Packaging, Editorial or Menus/POS, we can handle that too.

I Can Make That!

Weve all watched how to videos online and thought I can make that! Want your product to become entertaining cuisine–we can make that happen. From developing unique recipes, to supplying the necessary creative talent, and handling the technical details, we have the ability to turn your food into the star of its own show! We partner with some of Torontos most talented videographers, or we can work with your crewwhichever you prefer.